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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant at 40 and still cries for Brad Pitt… LOL!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston is still crying for her ex hubby Brad Pitt. Acording to PageSix, Aniston burst into tears in her trailer while filming “The Bounty” in New York because a scene “reminded her of Brad Pitt”. After a while, Jen pulled herself a happy face and emerged from her trailer. The source added she enjoys flirting with Gerard Butler but privately she’s very fragile about Brad. Bull sh*t!! Of course, Jen spokesman says this story is false!

The unlucky-in-love actress was late coming out of her trailer while filming “The Bounty” with Gerard Butler a few weeks ago. The source tells Page Six that when an assistant went to fetch Aniston, she was in tears, and said, “I need a moment. This scene reminds me of Brad and me.”

Aniston pulled herself together and managed to put on a smile when she eventually emerged from her trailer. The insider added, “While she enjoyed flirting with Gerard on set and put a brave face on every day, privately she is still very fragile.”

Aniston’s spokesman, Stephen Huvane, says the story about her crying in the trailer is “ridiculous . . . it never happened.”


Jennifer Aniston still crying for Brad Pitt??

 Jen Aniston @ Love Happens Premiere 
held at the Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood, 
California on September 15th, 2009.   
Fame Pictures

So… Jennifer is ‘still crying for Brad’ and according to OK! She’s pregnant too! OMG!! Is it funny?  OK! put Jennifer Aniston on its cover with a huge PREGNANT AT 40!! But all the story is about Jennifer Aniston planning for a baby in the future! Of course, there’s a source claiming Jennifer wants a baby soon before her 41st birthday.


[Feom OK!]  I feel [motherhood is] in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way, the Love Happens star has said in recent months. I want to have children. That’s my plan.”

And at least one Aniston insiders tells OK! that becoming a parent has quickly become a high priority for the actress, who has scheduled several months off before starting her next project in 2010.

Jen’s made no secret of the fact she wants to get pregnant, says the source. Now, with nothing on her schedule for a while, she can relax and address the priorities that matter most — and motherhood is right at the top of her list.

She wants to have a baby soon, adds the insider. And has set her heart on getting pregnant before her 41st birthday.

Jennifer Aniston can sing!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston can sing and she will do her own singing in The Goree Girls, her upcoming real-life drama about a group of female prisoners who form a popular radio country-and-western band in the 1940s.  According to movie director Michael Sacsy, Jen can sing and she’s going to learn how to play guitar. Sucsy already has had some major success in working with actresses not known for their musical aptitude.


“She can sing,” the movie’s director, Michael Sucsy, tells me. “And she’s going to learn how to play the Dobro [guitar].”

Aniston’s fellow inmates haven’t been cast yet. Sucsy isn’t looking to fill the roles with real-life musicians. Sucsy already has had some major success in working with actresses not known for their musical aptitude.

“It’s not just like, ‘Hey, you can play the guitar, I can play the piano, I can play the harmonica. Let’s put a band together.’ It’s like, ‘We have to get out of jail, and if we have to put a band together to do that, then that’s what we’re going to do.’ “

Jennifer Aniston on humor, love and friends [Elle Magazine – Sept 2009]

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston graces the cover of the September issue of Elle magazine. Aniston talks on humor, love, work and who her real friends are. She looks fierce on the cover shot (even when her face is weird) Anyway, Jen says she is aware of what’s been whispered behind her back. “It’s fine. I can take it.”



On being labeled a “lonely girl”: “I’m not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room. It’s fine. I can take it. If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.”

On helping others unlucky in love: “I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward.”

On having a sense of humor: “I can make fun of myself. And I’ll bring it up as long as the world is bringing it up.”

On her parents’ comedic influence: “They would make each other laugh like nobody’s business. So I put a lot of value in that at a very young age”

On her mother’s brutal honesty: “I remember being 7 and asking my mom if I was as pretty as [my best friend] Monique. And with all the love in the world, my mom looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re so funny.’ “So, she doesn’t lie to me . . . She answers the question by not answering and instead tells me what she thinks is my greatest strength.”

On the hardest part of her childhood: “My dad walking out and not seeing him for a year and not knowing where he was . . . Trying to understand, ‘Where did that person go?’ ”

On microsurgery, her dream career if she weren’t an actress: “The intense focus and detail . . . completely fascinate me.”

Jennifer Aniston makes fun on her life

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston has a plan for achieving a future without love life complications – and it’s all in her choice of movie titles.  Accepting Women In Film’s Crystal Award for expanding the role of women in the entertainment industry,  Jennifer Aniston  pointed out to the crowd of mostly female Hollywood movers and shakers that her personal fortunes over the past several years have been reflected in the titles on her film resume.


“I’m trying to be more careful than I have been in the past about the titles of movies that I choose to be in,” Aniston revealed. “It’s funny – I kind of noticed something a couple years ago that there seemed to be this strange parallel to the movies I was doing and my life off screen.”

“It started with, well, The Good Girl,” she explained. “Then that evolved into Rumor Has It, followed by Derailed, and then there was The Break-Up. And then on the lighter side was Friends with Money, which I felt was a bit on the nose.”

“So if any of you have a project titled Everlasting Love with an Adult, Stable Male…,” she concluded, drowned out by the knowing laughter of the crowd, which included Heather Locklear, Selena Gomez, Jenny McCarthy, Christina Hendricks and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

Nod to Friends
She continued the title theme in a more nostalgic light. “There’s one title that I will be forever grateful for and that essentially gave me a start to anything, which was Friends,” said Aniston

“For years I got to go to work every day and I laughed and I played on the set with an unbelievably funny and creative team, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera,” Aniston remembered. “To go from that experience, which honestly was the highlight of my life, to then be here standing in front of you being honored for my work in film and being allowed that transition is truly quite humbling.”

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Thursday, June 11th, 2009
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Jennifer Aniston’s new Smartwater ad

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston posed for a new ad for the Glaceau water brand, which will be placed in national magazines and even on a giant billboard over the 405 expressway in L.A. I don’t like the pic, she looks weird.

“We’re not ones to sip and tell, but Jen’s pretty into us (and our vapor distilled purity),” the ad copy reads.