Miley Cyrus on stage at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar

Miley Cyrus played a concert at Freedom Hall in Kentucky on Halloween night and then hit up a local bar for a surprise after show. Yeap, you read rigth! Miley, 16, jammed on stage at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar in Louisville. According to TMZ she showed up around midnight and sung “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” with the band that was performing. She left shortly after.  OMG!! It’s just insane!! She’s a 16 year old girl at a bar at midnight on Halloween with a bunch of drunk ADULTS? Hello??  Where are her parents?


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  1. Charles Mccarrick Says:

    I was there and it sounds like it might have been unsavory for her to appear at a bar until you know the rest of the story. Dave Moody who is the bassist in the background is also the bassist for her dad and this is the local venue that launched Dave’s career. He has been part of house bands at Phoenix Hill for decades. It would have been more surprising for her not to join him on his home stage on Halloween night while she was in town. Her presence was extremely safe as she was only allowed from the stage door to the stage and back. Sorry it wasn’t as outrageous as it looked. I am Dave’s pool guy and have known him to be a patriotic citizen and a good friend. He wouldn’t let Miley go where she would be in danger.

  2. Cuja Says:

    I was there an she was dressed up as Pocahontas. It was really a good & very unexpected show!

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